Northern Light

Northern Light


Our inaugural exhibition will introduce you to some of the key artists we represent.

The work spans across many mediums including painting, sculpture and even the embroidery of Alice Kettle.  The pieces are an exciting opportunity for you to see the quality and breadth of practise that our principle artists offer. Over the past 10 years we have worked within the cultural community to house a selection of artists of exceptional vision, and because of this Artzu Gallery has become the leading independent gallery in the North West.  We also believe in promoting the work of Manchester artists alongside national and international names to bring together a superb variety of both home grown and global talent.

For our first exhibition within Spinningfields we have selected work which shines a clear light onto Artzu and the artists we represent:


Tim Garner: Click to view portfolioManchester-contemporary-painting-tim-garner
“I create imagery which touches on a profound level and that people can live and voyage with for a life time .”



manchester-figurative-painting-robert-jenkinsRobert Jenkins:  Click to view portfolio

“Above all I feel that the human body(and the way that it is painted) can express moods, feelings, memories, associations and ideas.”




Timur D’Vatz:  Click to view portfolioManchester-gallery-painting-timur-d-vatz-3
“Over the past ten years I have been trying to find my own mythology, my own way to God; and by God I mean a great knowledge.”




Manchester-contemporary-art-james-cummins-4James Cummins:  Click to view portfolio
“….steady, steady the forms begin to come, the structures present themselves ,the relationships become clearer, and then a myriad of thoughts, feelings and physical gestures with the tools in hand and suddenly a painting is being made.”



Matt Wilde:  Click to view portfolio
“For me it is an attempt to capture a place or in some cases capture an idea of a place. Busy scenes are still evident as everyone seems to be busy going somewhere or are we just going around in circles?”




contemporary-embroidery-alice-kettle-6Alice Kettle:  Click to view portfolio
“It is about an emotional connection with the work, the expression of something that stitch conveys differently from other media……every mark and thought require a creative response which articulates my response to the world, to life and my particular aspirations.”



Philip Smith:  Click to view portfolio 
contemporary-painting-manchester-phillip-smith“I have certain themes -leaving, returning, uncertainty. There is often a loss to the characters that inhabit the landscapes, an introspection, a poignancy.  They are like characters from scenes of which we are all familiar. I like to think their narrative is undetermined. The story is theirs. We may guess at it, but we do not know. We may see them, but we cannot be sure.”



Chris Acheson:  Click to view portfolio
I suppose I am looking for ‘A Taste Of Honey’……in the Greasy Spoon of life.


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