Katherine Dolman




Mixed Media On Board


64cm x 61cm



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Artist Profile

After completing a Fine Arts degree in 2000 Katherine has embarked on a full-time career as an artist. She was commissioned whilst still studying by Independent Power Engineering Consultants to produce six paintings and has had several commissions in the last two years including paintings for Revolution bars and Carling.

Technique and Inspiration

Katherine has a vivid, representational style and uses oil paint, gloss and enamel, often on mdf board. She has recently completed a series of ‘Cupid’ paintings portraying predominantly red garbed figures of young girls on a white background. The effect is realistic but startling and disturbing. Katherine says of these paintings:

‘Cupid is neither child nor adult. A symbolic view of the child is one of innocence, yet the cupid is a mythological creature, which is an embodiment or guardian of physical love in adults. This image represents the ambivalence between innocence and desire, between childhood and adulthood and the anxiety experienced in having to conform to adult expectation. The photographic surface and stark white background is a reflection of a sterile reality, contrasted with the image of a realistic child.’

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