Kate Boyce

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Some of my most recent works are inspired by the streets of Manchester. I still have an affinity with the city since I lived and worked (and played) here as an interior textile designer in the nineties.

It was after moving to west Yorkshire and starting a family that I decided to try to make a living as a painter and found inspiration in my new surroundings – the rural landscape of the Calder Valley.
I was keen to depict however not only the timeless qualities of nature but also a landscape of our time - a human narrative in the form of roads, buildings, street furniture, vehicles or machinery. I am also interested in capturing a place in a certain dramatic light – before or after a storm, the low sun of a late autumn afternoon or even a glow from a street light at night.

I have developed a technique that combines acrylic painting with collage using transfers made from my own digitally altered photographs. I believe this technique brings a contemporary feel to my work. and also creates contrast which is often something I wish to reflect..

Though frequently returning to my local landscape I have gone on to find inspiration from others both rural and urban. I always aim through my work to reflect the true aesthetic character of a place. I believe my design background has heped my painting in many ways from my intuitive use of colour to my readiness to create work which is both innovative and yet accessable for a home or office environment..

Since working with Atrtzu I have undertaken domestic and corporate commissions including boardroom pieces for The IM group head office in Birmingham and Wincanton head office in Bristol.


Ambleside - Life In The Landscape - Kate BoyceEdge End Moor, Awash With Colour - Kate BoyceHeight Farm - Kate BoyceWatergrove, View Across Time - Kate BoyceSoftening Light, Blackshawhead - Kate BoyceCrimsworth Dean Beck #2 - Kate Boyce
 Ambleside - Life In The LandscapeEdge End Moor, Awash With ColourHeight Farm Watergrove, View Across Time Softening Light, Blackshawhead Crimsworth Dean Beck #2
River Irwell, Trading Route - Kate BoyceAfternoon Sunlight Wadsworth - Kate BoyceBridge Mills Weir - Kate BoyceThe River Irwell From Victoria Bridge - Kate BoyceOld Town Mill - Kate BoyceBrig Well Head - Kate Boyce
River Irwell, Trading Route Afternoon Sunlight Wadsworth Bridge Mills Weir The River Irwell From Victoria BridgeOld Town Mill Brig Well Head
Open Land Above The Crags - Kate BoyceCastlefield And The Hilton - Kate BoyceRochdale Canal at Hebden Bridge - Kate BoyceSunset, Salford Quays - Kate BoyceRochdale Canal, Trading Route - Kate BoyceSuburban Dream Sugary Shrubbery - Kate Boyce
 Open Land Above The Crags Castlefield And The HiltonRochdale Canal at Hebden Bridge Sunset, Salford QuaysRochdale Canal, Trading RouteSuburban Dream Sugary Shrubbery
Suburban Dream Lay by Land - Kate BoyceSuburban Dream True Technicolour - Kate BoyceThe River Irwell From The Calatrava Footbridge - Kate BoyceHigher Crimson, Keighley Road - Kate BoyceRiver Irwell Near Spinningfields At Sunset - Kate BoyceInternational Buffet - Kate Boyce
Suburban Dream Lay by LandSuburban Dream True Technicolour The River Irwell From The Calatrava FootbridgeHigher Crimson, Keighley RoadRiver Irwell Near Spinningfields At Sunset International Buffet
Sunset On Howarth Old Road II - Kate BoyceEvening Light, Old Town - Kate BoycePortland Street - Kate BoyceFingerpost, Howarth Old Road II - Kate BoyceSlow Lane I - Kate BoyceGround Flora, Midgeley Moor - Kate Boyce
Sunset On Howarth Old Road II Evening Light, Old Town Portland StreetFingerpost, Howarth Old Road II Slow Lane I Ground Flora, Midgeley Moor
Sunset, Higher Crimsworth, Pecket Well - Kate BoyceCool Spring Evening, Bents Farm, Hebden - Kate BoyceLate Summer, Haworth Old Road - Kate BoyceCold Morning, Widdop Road - Kate BoyceLate Afternnon Sun, Ackroyd Lane - Kate BoyceAutumn Sunset, Caerlaverock - Kate Boyce
 Sunset, Higher Crimsworth, Pecket WellCool Spring Evening, Bents Farm, Hebden Late Summer, Haworth Old RoadCold Morning, Widdop Road Late Afternnon Sun, Ackroyd LaneAutumn Sunset, Caerlaverock
Light Through The Mist Over Calder Valley - Kate BoyceSunset Over Stoodley From Wadsworth Moor - Kate BoyceSunlight On Horse Hey - Kate BoyceAutomatic Transmissions, Blackshawhead - Kate BoyceHigher Crimsworth Farm - Kate BoyceGondola Mooring, Venice - Kate Boyce
 Light Through The Mist Over Calder Valley Sunset Over Stoodley From Wadsworth Moor Sunlight On Horse Hey Automatic Transmissions, Blackshawhead Higher Crimsworth FarmGondola Mooring, Venice
Nightfall On Hilltop Suburbia - Kate BoyceAfter The Storm, Howarth Old Rd - Kate BoyceAfter Sunlight Above Crimsworth - Kate BoyceFirst Light Above Burlees Lane - Kate BoyceReappearance - Kate BoyceVenice At Night - Kate Boyce
 Nightfall On Hilltop Suburbia After The Storm, Howarth Old Rd After Sunlight Above Crimsworth First Light Above Burlees Lane Reappearance Venice At Night
Looking Back At Pecket Well - Kate BoyceWiddop Bridge II - Kate BoyceSnows Up Over Old Town - Kate BoyceWaterflow To Old Town Mill - Kate BoyceUpper Broard Shaw - Kate BoyceHigher Intake Blackshaw Head - Kate Boyce
 Looking Back At Pecket Well Widdop Bridge II Snows Up Over Old Town Waterflow To Old Town Mill Upper Broard Shaw Higher Intake Blackshaw Head
The Grand Canal - Kate BoyceHeble End - Kate BoyceHorse Hey - Kate BoyceHebden Water I - Kate BoyceBents Farm - Kate BoyceSunset Over Cross Hill - Kate Boyce
 The Grand Canal Heble End Horse Hey Hebden Water I Bents Farm Sunset Over Cross Hill
Persuasion - Kate BoyceView From Hot Stone Hill - Kate BoyceBoston Hill Sunset - Kate BoyceThe Rochdale Canal At Machpelagh - Kate BoyceRooftops Over Nutclough - Kate BoyceFirst Light At Horsehold - Kate Boyce
 Persuasion View From Hot Stone Hill Boston Hill Sunset The Rochdale Canal At Machpelagh Rooftops Over Nutclough First Light At Horsehold
Fingerpost - Kate BoyceHowath Old Road - Kate BoyceEarly Morning Light, Wadsworth Moor - Kate BoyceThe Calderdale Way At Dimmindale - Kate BoyceTowards The Old Mount Skip - Kate BoyceCool Winter Light, South Pennines - Kate Boyce
 Fingerpost Howath Old Road Early Morning Light, Wadsworth Moor The Calderdale Way At Dimmindale Towards The Old Mount SkipCool Winter Light, South Pennines