Philip Horrocks

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Philip was educated at Manchester Metropolitan University leaving with a degree in Fine Arts. He has worked since as artist and teacher. He has had a regular art workshop at Manchester Museum on Oxford Rd in Manchester, teaching both adults and children.

He has had a number of commissions including those from Manchester City Council and Peel Holdings plc. This latter commission was for four large oil paintings of the Trafford Centre, the flagship enterprise of Peel Holdings and was specially overseen by the Chairman, John Whittaker. The paintings are now displayed in the Chairman’s private suite at the centre. He was also commissioned by Manchester City Council to produce a drawing of a little girl. This was then produced in a limited edition series for presentation to foster parents in recognition of their services (the ‘Foster Oscars’).

Technique and Inspiration

Though Philip has won recognition particularly in his landscapes for their sharpness and photo-like immediacy, he has recently been exploring different, almost surrealistic, techniques in a series of Manchester scenes. His latest painting ‘The Jolly Angler’ explores people and places with a new insight. More are to follow.

‘My work has often been realistic, bordering on photo-realism. However the resolution of the image is not infinite, rather the paint marks are obvious and important.

The subject matter depicted by my work varies enormously, ranging from landscapes and cityscapes to portraiture. The reason for this is that the object to me is merely the ‘maguffin,’ an excuse to demonstrate the complex colours used and the variety and calligraphic virtuosity of the brush strokes. However with portraiture my concerns go deeper. My intention is to capture the whole individual to such an extent that the painting transcends being a mere image.

I work in a variety of mediums, oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, pencil, ink and ball point pen.’

Stone Bridge - Philip HorrocksStone Circle - Philip HorrocksRapeseed - Philip HorrocksLine Of Trees - Philip HorrocksAmerican Chapel - Philip HorrocksClosely Observed Flowers - Philip Horrocks
Stone BridgeStone Circle Rapeseed Line Of Trees American ChapelClosely Observed Flowers
Closely Observed Leaves - Philip HorrocksRainbow - Philip HorrocksPurple Meadow Tree - Philip HorrocksThe Embankment - Philip HorrocksImaginary Tree (Study 3) - Philip HorrocksImaginary Tree (Meadowland) - Philip Horrocks
 Closely Observed LeavesRainbow Purple Meadow Tree The Embankment Imaginary Tree (Study 3) Imaginary Tree (Meadowland)
Escarpment - Philip HorrocksImaginary Tree (Woodland) - Philip HorrocksCheetham Hill - Philip HorrocksPuffin Island II - Philip HorrocksImaginary Tree (Study 1) - Philip HorrocksImaginary Tree (Study 2) - Philip Horrocks
 EscarpmentImaginary Tree (Woodland) Cheetham Hill Puffin Island II Imaginary Tree (Study 1) Imaginary Tree (Study 2)
Copper Face Jacks - Philip HorrocksGreat Orme I - Philip HorrocksRay\'s Mom & Dad (commission) - Philip HorrocksAngelsey II - Philip HorrocksTrafford Centre I - Philip HorrocksTrafford Centre II - Philip Horrocks
 Copper Face JacksGreat Orme I Ray's Mom & Dad (commission) Angelsey II Trafford Centre I Trafford Centre II
Trafford Centre III - Philip HorrocksTrafford Centre IV - Philip HorrocksPuffin Island - Philip HorrocksAnglesey - Philip HorrocksDriftwood I - Philip HorrocksDriftwood II - Philip Horrocks
 Trafford Centre III Trafford Centre IV Puffin Island Anglesey Driftwood I Driftwood II
Great Orme II - Philip HorrocksPebble Beach - Philip HorrocksSnowdon - Philip HorrocksNorth Wales - Philip HorrocksRed Leaves - Philip HorrocksSentinel I - Philip Horrocks
 Great Orme II Pebble Beach Snowdon North Wales Red Leaves Sentinel I
Sentinel II - Philip HorrocksSentinel III - Philip HorrocksGreat Orme III - Philip HorrocksThe Jolly Angler - Philip HorrocksThe Jolly Angler II - Philip HorrocksRed Teddy Bear - Philip Horrocks
 Sentinel II Sentinel III Great Orme IIIThe Jolly AnglerThe Jolly Angler II Red Teddy Bear