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'Painting is an irrational interest which helps you to understand important things about yourself. A slow movement from one point to another, and then quickly back into the territory that is only yours: the only place where nostalgia about imagined things and sensations exists.'

On Another Frontier - Virtmanis Wait-er I - Virtmanis Perspective - Virtmanis Family - Virtmanis Between Illusion And Reality - Virtmanis Wait-er II - Virtmanis
On Another FrontierWait-er IPerspectiveFamilyBetween Illusion And RealityWait-er II
Wait-er III - Virtmanis Duel - Virtmanis Sophia AnD Phil. Wedding - Virtmanis Wrong Left Hand - Virtmanis Albertina - Virtmanis Cube And His Meal - Virtmanis
Wait-er IIIDuelSophia AnD Phil. WeddingWrong Left HandAlbertinaCube And His Meal
Lunch Hour - Virtmanis Dinner - Virtmanis Fire Security Manager - Virtmanis Friendship With Dog And Woman - Virtmanis Good Beginning Of Friendship - Virtmanis Book Reader - Virtmanis
Lunch Hour DinnerFire Security ManagerFriendship With Dog And WomanGood Beginning Of FriendshipBook Reader
Only A Head - Virtmanis Ideal Hat For A Cap - Virtmanis Just Before Waking Up - Virtmanis Light Eater - Virtmanis Madonna With Child - Virtmanis Marcel - Virtmanis
Only A Head Ideal Hat For A CapJust Before Waking UpLight EaterMadonna With ChildMarcel
They Can Be Invisible - Virtmanis Calendar - Virtmanis
 They Can Be InvisibleCalendar