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'Painting is an irrational interest which helps you to understand important things about yourself. A slow movement from one point to another and then quickly back into the territory that is only yours, the only place where nostalgia about imagined things and sensations exists.'
On Another Frontier - Virtmanis Wait-er I - Virtmanis Perspective - Virtmanis Family - Virtmanis Between Illusion And Reality - Virtmanis Wait-er II - Virtmanis
On Another FrontierWait-er IPerspectiveFamilyBetween Illusion And RealityWait-er II
Wait-er III - Virtmanis Duel - Virtmanis Sophia AnD Phil. Wedding - Virtmanis Wrong Left Hand - Virtmanis Albertina - Virtmanis Cube And His Meal - Virtmanis
Wait-er IIIDuelSophia AnD Phil. WeddingWrong Left HandAlbertinaCube And His Meal
Lunch Hour - Virtmanis Dinner - Virtmanis Fire Security Manager - Virtmanis Friendship With Dog And Woman - Virtmanis Good Beginning Of Friendship - Virtmanis Book Reader - Virtmanis
Lunch Hour DinnerFire Security ManagerFriendship With Dog And WomanGood Beginning Of FriendshipBook Reader
Only A Head - Virtmanis Ideal Hat For A Cap - Virtmanis Just Before Waking Up - Virtmanis Light Eater - Virtmanis Madonna With Child - Virtmanis Marcel - Virtmanis
Only A Head Ideal Hat For A CapJust Before Waking UpLight EaterMadonna With ChildMarcel
They Can Be Invisible - Virtmanis Calendar - Virtmanis
 They Can Be InvisibleCalendar