Louisa Hope Completes her Commissioned Art Work for a Prestigious Interior Design Project

Louisa Hope Completes her Commissioned Art Work for a Prestigious Interior Design Project

When we suggest commissioning a painting or sculpture to some of our Manchester clients they look worried and slightly anxious! The fears that they are too polite to mention are almost universal, even lingering with some of the international companies who commission large scale sculptural pieces with us.  The anxiety mainly focuses on a sense that the process will be out of your control and that you will be committed to taking an art work which doesn’t appeal on completion.

Commissioning Art for Interior Design

Louisa Hope Commission

The reality of commissioning art work is quite different and actually an extremely enjoyable journey where you work with the artist to develop a piece that will be something you love. There are no hidden, unpleasant surprises.  In general you start with elements of one or several art works which you ask the artist to refine or combine to create a piece which is completely unique to yourself.

Louisa Hope has recently completed a project where she worked alongside both the interior designer and the home owner to create paintings which gave the room immediate impact and style.  The process, as with many commissions, also had a personal element which allowed the client to become completely immersed in the project and to experience something quite special as far as your average interior design project allows.

To view Louisa Hope’s portfolio click here.

Commission art manchester

Louisa Hope Commission

Louisa Hope’s enchanting paintings often combine natural materials to complement the use of copper and other metal oxides.  In this case the natural element were leaves collected in the client’s garden by her children.

This element added the personal aspect which captures the soul of an interior design project and allows it to become something which is both absorbing and extraordinary.

The process was also sympathetic to the needs of the project as a whole, being led by the mood created by the interior designer alongside details such as size, shape and colour.


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