A Day in the Life of Sculptor, Anna Gillespie

A Day in the Life of Sculptor, Anna Gillespie

Anna Gillespie’s contemporary sculpture has a haunting beauty shown through her absorbing depiction of our relationship with the environment.  Artzu Gallery is pleased to have several new pieces in the gallery.

contemporary sculpture manchester


Gillespie’s ecological art works capture the in between imaginings of our day dreams with figures merging into nature to create a captivating enchanted world.

These beguiling worlds are formed with found objects and natural materials varying from beech nut casings to old lobster pots. Once collected they are combined with Gillespie’s incredible skill as a sculptor to grow into artworks with a delicate subtlety.

To view Anna Gillespie’s full portfolio click here.

Contemporary Sculpture manchester


Not only are the finished pieces intriguing, so is the process which creates them. Here is an excerpt from Anna Gillespie’s Blog which describes her practise:

contemporary sculpture manchester


“Last week we had a big old fir tree in our garden cut down. I was pretty sure there was going to be a magpie’s nest in it and indeed that is why we waited until this time of year – when the young were sure to have flown – before taking the tree down. We were lucky enough to have both skilled and sensitive tree surgeons come round and they hardly blinked an eye at my request to save the nest. They couldn’t just lift it out of its perch though as it was so interwoven with the tree and the creeper that dominated the tree, that the whole branch was lowered down on a rope for me so that I could unentangle it slowly on the ground.

Having known that the tree was coming down weeks in advance, and being convinced that we would find a nest, my dreams had been plotting a figure. So, within a day of receiving the nest a little porcelain man emerged in the studio. Here he is.

contemporary sculpture manchester

Now, this is a figure from the unconscious. One of the figures that I consider a gift in that they just come to me ready formed from somewhere in the mind and then all I have to do is make them into a reality. ”

To view Anna Gillespie’s full portfolio click here.

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