Jewel Britannia!

Jewel Britannia!

Artzu Gallery will be celebrating the Royal Jubilee with the exuberant work of Stephen Farley.

His glistening version of the Union Jack is formed from hundreds of jewel like prisms which reflect and capture the light to spectacular effect.  The weather may be grey but Farley’s work ensures that we will all be in the festival mood!

To view Stephen Farley’s full portfolio click here.

Manchester Gallery Stephen Farley

Smile in the Crowd (detail)

On a deeper note Farley’s work has also created joy for those who might ordinarily be excluded from the visual arts.  After an industrial eye accident Farley’s own compromised sight led him to develop work which was also stimulating to touch as well as to look at.  The pieces are made from the finest quality jewellery resin which gives them a robust and tactile quality.  If you run your hand over the surface of many of his art works then they become a delight to the finger tips with a variety of surfaces and patterns creating a sensory delight.

Artzu Gallery Manchester Stephen Farley


Farley’s themes are simple and powerful with a sensual core. His twist on mixed media allows a fluid expression of his biological and organic themes.  These in themselves have naturally grown into sculptural pieces where the frozen images from the microscope become amorphous almost living structural forms.  The work’s final view is when you close your eyes and run your finger tips across the surface. Unctuous, tactile, adult bubble wrap.

Stephen Farley’s work expresses his changed physical experience, bringing the microbiological into his sight, the intimacy of the biological world and the emotions that spring from it.




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