Tim Garner | Internal Landscapes

Tim Garner | Internal Landscapes

Tim Garner’s work is unashamedly Northern, exploring the internal identity of what this might mean.

 Tim Garner Artzu Gallery manchester

This identity is made hand in hand with the society Garner lives within:  an essentially circular process where society draws its ideas about how to view and experience landscapes from visual culture, while at the same time artists like Tim Garner reflect and react to current attitudes in society.

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 Tim Garner Artzu Gallery Manchester

Garner’s co created vision of our human landscape is often dark and brooding, perhaps as a reflection of our ideas of the North.  His work, however, is also coloured with an uplifting, almost spiritual mood. This beauty comes from his intense observations of the everyday, from the folds of the northern hills and the ghostly impressions of buildings to the bleak, empty streets.  Their gritty mundanity is key to their soul.

Artzu Gallery Tim Garner

Garner’s paintings capture the essence of the Northern landscape expressed through our current cultural desires.  We no longer want the Victorian picturesque or even post modern irony and detachment.  In Tim Garner’s work we move forward from here to see an engagement in the landscape but without sentimentality or romance.

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The foundation of Garner’s work is photographic, providing a clear choice of what to frame or to view.  A landscape is something that we can take in at a glance; incorporating what we consider important and disregarding what we choose to ignore.  It’s interesting to see that Garner’s work contains both our shadows and our dreams.

These chosen vistas are overlaid with paint and texture building up emotional layers into something which becomes an internal vision of the original landscape.

 Artzu Gallery Manchester Tim Garner

| More about Tim Garner |

Tim Garner is originally from Charlesworth near Manchester, and went on to train at Cardiff University before practising as an artist for over 20 years in France.  He was supported in Brittany by Claudie le Breton, president of the Council for Cote d’Armor, who designated him a studio.  His work over this period was mainly large scale collage and sculpture which he exhibited in a variety of group and solo exhibitions which were backed by his patron.

Garner then went on to live and practise in Paris for many years where his work shifted into experimental photography.  He used squats and old factories as housing and studios

His return to Manchester has again seen a transformation of his work towards landscape painting.  Tim sees this current work as a way to create something positive by giving people a voice, an identity and a history.  Imagery which touches on a profound level and that people can live and voyage with for a life time.

Artzu Gallery Manchester Tim Garner


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