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An Interview with Painter Chris Acheson

The cinematic influence provides the visual treatment of a painting, as I seek to give the impression of a painted film still. And not just glorious Technicolor, the black and white Kitchen Sink dramas of the Sixties are particular favourites….

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Artzu Gallery Gift Voucher

Are you looking for an original Christmas or birthday gift? Artzu Gallery offers gift vouchers for your chosen amount with art work ranging from £160 upwards.

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Venue Hire in Manchester - ARTZU Gallery Hosts a 'Great Places' Event

Artzu Gallery hosted another exciting and successful event with Great Places Housing. Artzu Gallery terrace overlooks Hardman Square in the heart of Spinningfields and makes a fantastic addition to the venue.

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Enter The Manchester Photography Competition as Part of our STREET TALK Exhibition

STREET TALK – The Mancunian Way, runs from 3rd – 23rd July alongside The MIF and captures the heart and soul of Manchester.

The exhibition features two of ARTZU Gallery’s key artists; Matt Wilde and Tim Garner.

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  • Humanity Through the Eyes of the Self

    Humanity Through the Eyes of the Self

    When I first met Nicholas Eddershaw he had been living essentially as a recluse for over 20 years. It was refreshing to discover someone who had made a striking and powerful inner journey and had something intrinsically human to say.

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  • Some Thoughts on the Nature of Abstract Art from Painter James Cummins

    Some Thoughts on the Nature of Abstract Art from Painter James Cummins

    James Cummins paints pictures the motives of which are the great fundaments of art: History, philosophy, literature, science and nature.Born in Liverpool and now living in the heart of Berlin with his wife, his work can be seen as a kind of pilgrimage – his own spiritual journey. Here he discusses his interest in art as a means to transcend the mind.

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  • PERCEPTION by Trystram Menhinick

    PERCEPTION by Trystram Menhinick

    'I have a sincere interest in people. The differing experiences of the internal and external are cause for the main focus of my work in this exhibition. A person’s public façade and their contrasting internal state.' Trystram Menhinick

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