Matt Wilde – Spinningfields Exhibition

Matt Wilde – Spinningfields Exhibition

Matt Wilde’s ‘Keep Up’ exhibition is coming to 3 Hardman Street in Spinningfields, Manchester early this year. Set in the heart of the new business district, Matts exhibition is ideally placed to take a wry look at consumerism and the work ethic.

contemporary painting manchester matt wilde

Matt works in layers using found objects merged with a complex mesh of paint, pencil and charcoal. He builds up paintings from scraps of newspaper and photographs allowing a fluid and dynamic sense of movement to enter his work.

This process allows a lightness and pithy humour to enter a candid and contemporary viewpoint on our consumer culture.

Join us on the opening night of the exhibition to listen to Matt talk about his practise and his inspirations. For more information sign up to our Exhibitions Programme on the News Page.

For a taste of the Keep Up exhibition click here. 

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