Artzu Gallery, Manchester

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Anna Gillespie

Between Two Shores by Anna Gillespie
‘Between Two Shores’ by Anna Gillespie

Timur D'Vatz

Banner 1 by Timur D'Vatz
‘Banner 1’ by Timur D'Vatz

Tim Garner

Banner Refuge by Tim Garner
‘Banner Refuge ’ by Tim Garner

Stephen Farley

Banner 2 by Stephen Farley
‘Banner 2’ by Stephen Farley

Andrew Hunt

To Infinity and Beyond by Andrew Hunt
‘To Infinity and Beyond’ by Andrew Hunt

Ian Rayer-Smith

Heirlooms by Ian Rayer-Smith
‘Heirlooms’ by Ian Rayer-Smith

Ed Chapman

Debbie Harry by Ed Chapman
‘Debbie Harry’ by Ed Chapman

Axel Bottenberg

Ronald Man by Axel Bottenberg
‘Ronald Man’ by Axel Bottenberg (2010)

Karenina Fabrizzi

Giulia by Karenina Fabrizzi
‘Giulia’ by Karenina Fabrizzi

Carl Melegari

Cornelia by Carl Melegari
‘Cornelia’ by Carl Melegari

Richard Wallace

Banner 1 by Richard Wallace
‘Banner 1’ by Richard Wallace

Carol Peace

Red Scarf by Carol Peace
‘Red Scarf’ by Carol Peace

Nick Coley

Checkmate by Nick Coley
‘Checkmate’ by Nick Coley

Andrew Fish

Sunny Boardwalk by Andrew Fish
‘Sunny Boardwalk’ by Andrew Fish

Chris Acheson

banner image by Chris Acheson
‘banner image’ by Chris Acheson

David Hancock

The Dream that I Dream Of by David Hancock
‘The Dream that I Dream Of’ by David Hancock (2020)

Alisa Lim A Po

Banner 1 by Alisa Lim A Po
‘Banner 1’ by Alisa Lim A Po

Dr Paul Helliwell

No Freedom in Eden by Dr Paul Helliwell
‘No Freedom in Eden’ by Dr Paul Helliwell

James Cummins

Natures Twists Unwinds Time by James Cummins
‘Natures Twists Unwinds Time’ by James Cummins

Philip Horrocks

Home by Philip Horrocks
‘Home’ by Philip Horrocks