Axel Bottenberg

Ronald Man by Axel Bottenberg
Ronald Man (2010)

Axel Bottenberg has been working as an artist since he graduated from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in 1989, where he studied alongside such contemporary art luminaries as Tracy Emin, the Chapman brothers and Gavin Turk.

He has shown in solo shows, group shows and as a curator  in a variety of venues.

His work references pop art of the 1960s and its re-emergence form 1990s onwards, drawing inspiration from the work of such artists as Warhol, Koons, the Chapman bothers and Banksy, along with an eclectic mix of historical art influences. 

Bottenberg often uses ‘low art’ iconography such as religious kitsch, tattoo and street art, purposefully selecting imagery to provoke strong responses. His works juxtapose characters such as clowns, guns and bombs against domestic wall paper fabrics, iconic golden backgrounds and other art historical references, creating kitschy or sometimes sinister undertones. 

Bottenberg’s use of diverse objects and materials, combined with the subject matter, creates narratives that are timeless and contemporary, whilst acknowledging long artistic traditions that use symbolism and grand themes.

Artwork by Axel Bottenberg

Ronald Man
Axel Bottenberg decoding "Ronald Man"
Self Portrait without Fried Eggs by Axel Bottenberg
Self Portrait without Fried Eggs (2016)
Axel-Elvis-Warhol by Axel Bottenberg
Axel-Elvis-Warhol (2016)
Pas du Surréalisme by Axel Bottenberg
Pas du Surréalisme (2010)
David by Axel Bottenberg
David (2020)
Illegal Reproduction by Axel Bottenberg
Illegal Reproduction (2010)
La Reproduction Interdite by Axel Bottenberg
La Reproduction Interdite (2016)
Jules by Axel Bottenberg
Jules (2017)
Andy Warhol with burger by Axel Bottenberg
Andy Warhol with burger (2019)
Lady with a Bomb by Axel Bottenberg
Lady with a Bomb (2015)
Dr JK by Axel Bottenberg
Dr JK (2012)
The Great Wave by Axel Bottenberg
The Great Wave (2020)
Salvator Mundi Sale by Axel Bottenberg
Salvator Mundi Sale (2018)
Golden Boys by Axel Bottenberg
Golden Boys (2012)
Untitled 1 with red Nose by Axel Bottenberg
Untitled 1 with red Nose (2011)
Duck Shoot by Axel Bottenberg
Duck Shoot (2009)
Ronald Man by Axel Bottenberg
Ronald Man (2010)
Fountain two Fountain by Axel Bottenberg
Fountain two Fountain (2020)