Alice Kettle

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Alice kettle is a world renowned textile artist. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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Her work is represented in various public collections such as the Crafts Council London, the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester and the Museo Internationale delle Arti Applicate Oggi, Turin, Italy.

Commissions include the National Library of Australia, the Scottish High Court in Edinburgh, Gloucester and Winchester Cathedrals and the School of Music & Drama at Manchester University.

Kettle was born in Winchester, Hampshire. She studied at the University of Reading (1979-84) and Goldsmith's College (1985-6).

Kettle started her career as a painter working in the Abstract Expressionist style but later moved to embroidery where the human element became a significant feature of her work.

'If my work became totally abstract, I believe it would fragment. The figure is the essence of the work, the human content, the emotional link for me as an artist.' (A. Kettle)

Kettle employs machine stitch as it best suits her intuitive approach and uses metal thread to add a glistening effect. She creates three-dimensional surfaces by repeatedly stitching over the same areas forming interesting shadows.

Kettle constantly explores new methods, drawing inspiration from various sources, such as medieval church tapestries, Russian icons and the paintings of Giotto.