Andrew Hunt’s Hyper-real Contemporary Portraits

Andrew Hunt’s Hyper-real Contemporary Portraits



Andrew Hunt’s remarkable work created in his recent exhibition Portraits From The Market is now up in our Manchester gallery and available to buy at ARTZU.

Working with photographer Chris Saunders, Hunt invited patrons and stall holders to participate in an impromptu studio at Sheffield Market where he created the series of portraits.  The finished pieces are a celebration of northern diversity and community, whilst engendering new audiences into the artistic process.

“I have lived on a terraced Sheffield street for 16 years and many of my pieces draw from Northern cultural references, I needed a space where my paintings could truly resonate with the culture and surroundings that they depict.”

“truly awe-inspiring work. Hunt faithfully paints the details of people’s faces with breath-taking precision (you’re almost sure the highlights and shadows on a forehead will move as you move around the room) Every single face tells a story, every eye and blemish and expression is totally convincing.”

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Born in Chester in 1973 Andrew grew up in North Wales and attended Bath Academy of Art in 1992, in 1996 he moved to Sheffield where he settled after discovering the city’s industrial heritage provided rich settings and narratives for his figurative oil paintings.

Andrew Hunt in his studio during Portraits From The Market.

Hunt has been selected for the prestigious BP Portrait Award Exhibition twice and in 1996 he was commissioned by Tiger Aspect for the BBC drama ‘Peaky Blinders’ to create the stunning portraits of lead character Thomas Shelby that were seen in the production. Since then he has gone from strength to strength, gaining critical acclaim and media attention at each stage of his career.

Andrew Hunt, Thomas Shelby.

Last year his evocative portrait of a miner was shown at the Conservative party conference much to the glee of the press who revelled in it’s ironic setting and applauded its calibre!

Andrew Hunt, Thurcroft.