Stunning new work from Chris Acheson

Stunning new work from Chris Acheson

Unparalleled photorealistic paintings with vivid contemporary impact.

ARTZU is proud to present two new pieces from acclaimed artist Chris Acheson. His paintings continue to increase in popularity as his work combines arresting, contemporary subject matter with a powerful mastery of technique.  His exceptional ability to capture fine detail and the subtleties of light and shadow are the cornerstone to his work.

The Physical Impossibility of Death in a Shop Window in Soho by Chris Acheson.

The themes of Acheson’s two new pieces have skilfully evolved the figurative themes of his previous Mannequin series, combining popular street culture, cinema and current trends within contemporary art – as with The Physical Impossibility of Death in a Shop Window in Soho which makes a  playful nod towards Damien Hurst’s famous preserved shark.

“The cinematic influence provides the visual treatment of a painting, as I seek to give the impression of a painted film still”

Jaws by Chris Acheson

Such is his popularity that he has decided to make these new artworks available in limited edition prints.










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