ARTZU Gallery presents KIDS by Tim Garner

ARTZU Gallery presents KIDS by Tim Garner

A cutting edge exhibition by Manchester artist, Tim Garner which runs alongside Manchester International Festival 2017 (MIF).

Following on from his landmark commission for Morson Group’s Ged Mason, OBE, Tim Garner turns to Manchester’s KIDS for inspiration.  His new work offers a unique insight into the highs and lows of growing up in an urban environment.  City streets create a rich playground for the imagination and a map for all the possibilities that lie ahead.

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Simon Says, Tim Garner.

Inspired by the background of political turmoil Tim Garner asks, “can we provide a city which really supports the originality, ingenuity and imagination of our young people?”

View Tim Garner’s painting portfolio here

As the leading urban artist of the day, it will no doubt make for thought-provoking and memorable viewing.

Garner’s powerful depictions of urban living in the city streets of his hometown are highly sort after. Rarely placing figurative forms in his work, in these newly commissioned pieces he turns anthropologist placing children in his urban landscape.

Tim Garner

The juxtaposition of youth and heritage provides new perspectives on local landmarks forcing the viewer to re-evaluate the relevance of the landscape for future generations.

Buildings shape society, society shapes architecture and this fascinating history is captured in Tim Garner’s layered artwork.

KIDS a Manchester Exhibition with MIF at ARTZU Gallery

Spud, Tim Garner

View Tim Garner’s painting portfolio here

Kids will run from 23rd June – 15th July 2017 at ARTZU Gallery in Manchester’s Old Granada Studios, Quay Street. For more information please contact Nick Betney on 0161 827 1717 or

KIDS a Manchester Exhibition with MIF at ARTZU Gallery

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