Summer Exhibition 2012

Summer Exhibition 2012

Artzu Gallery invites you to our inspiring summer exhibition to explore exceptional painting and sculpture.   

The new exhibition delves into the transformative power of the imagination with artwork ranging from the dynamic and forceful paintings of Keri to the subtle and multi layered work of Tim Garner.

contemporary landscape painting Manchester

Tim Garner’s work is unashamedly Northern, exploring the internal identity of what this might mean.  His vision of our human landscape has an intense depth which is off set with an uplifting, almost spiritual mood.

This beauty comes from his keen observations of the everyday, from the folds of the northern hills to the gritty but soulful mundanity of city streets.

Click here to view Tim Garner’s full portfolio

contemporary painting manchester

The compelling work of Keri is renowned in Hungary for its complex depth of emotion.  The energy of the individual paintings is captured in vigorous brush strokes and bold colours which portray human desire and conflict.

Keri studied at the Hungarian Academy of Arts in Budapest and has gone on to show his work throughout Europe.  His paintings are held in various collections including the Hungarian National Bank and Stefania Palace.

Click here to view Keri’s full portfolio