The Inspiration Behind the Exquisite Paintings of Karenina Fabrizzi

The Inspiration Behind the Exquisite Paintings of Karenina Fabrizzi

ARTZU Gallery is delighted to be showcasing some of the most sought after paintings of Karenina Fabrizzi.

Karenina, renowned for her organic artworks of delicate beauty, is an artist of Italian descent who now lives and works in Barcelona. In this delightful interview she discusses some of the most important influences behind her work.

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Krenina Fabrizzi, Sofi´s Memoir, £600, 50 x 50cm, oil, ink & acrylic on wood

“Can you highlight for our Manchester collectors what inspires your creativty?”

“The key things that inspire me are the relationship between people and nature, but you never know when you will have a new idea for a painting: sometimes it comes when you are in a beautiful garden having tea or reading a book, sometimes when you are on the tube at rush hour, watching people’s faces, their expressions, if they are worried, happy or sad… or simply while I am in my studio.”

Karenina Fabrizzi Artists

“Why is nature such a key feature in your painting?”

“Our world is organic, full of energy, in constant change and movement; nothing is fixed for eternity, everything moves and transform into something else, and nature is the best example of this. It is both fragile and extremely powerful at the same time.

Life itself intrigues and fascinates me; the idea of birth and death… how complex, how fragile this is, and how people choose to use this limited time to live their lives.

I like to compare people with this idea of pure natural fragility and unlimited power, like flowers, this beauty is sometimes intoxicating, it is always ephemeral, it is the cycle of life; terrifying and exquisite at the same time.

In my work I like to catch this beauty, like a moment suspended in time.”


Karenina Fabrizzi, Roxane Deep Green, 100 x 100cm, Oil On Canvas

“How do you develop your practise?”

“For me becoming a painter was clear from the very beginning.

As a child I came from a very dysfunctional family.  I drew to create my own personal world, using this time to escape reality.  Painting was always my shelter, my happy place, home if you like. 

I have also always loved literature, it has this power of taking you to another time and place in a second, and when you read something that was written three hundred years ago it could be that everything is different, their clothes, their hair, that they used carriages instead of cars… this is what I call “the stage”, but the soul of the people, their problems their suffering and their joy was always the same, and this is what I want to capture in my paintings, the essence of human nature.”

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