A TASTE OF HONEY – A Major New Solo Exhibition that Defines Manchester, Past and Present

A TASTE OF HONEY – A Major New Solo Exhibition that Defines Manchester, Past and Present

ARTZU Gallery is delighted to host ‘A Taste of Honey’; an exciting new solo exhibition by Chris Acheson representing a sophisticated and stimulating commentary on modern Manchester.

The exhibition will be on display from 20th November to 5th December in our Manchester gallery.

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ARTZU Gallery_Chris Acheson_Taste of Honey_The Flit

Chris Acheson, The Flit (A Taste of Honey Series)

The original 1961 film, based on a play by Shelagh Delaney, was Rita Tushingham’s break-through role, which made her film and acting career. It was one of the first of ‘the kitchen-sink dramas’ that simultaneously paved the way for ‘Corrie’ and the many others that followed in its wake.

The Beatles famously recorded a track – of the same title – written by Scott and Marlow for the 1960 Broadway version of the British play, set in a northern town.

“A taste of honey…tasting much sweeter than wine…”

“When Chris Acheson outlined his initial idea for this exhibition, I was immediately hooked,” recalled Nick Betney, Founder and MD of ARTZU Gallery.

“I’ve long been a huge admirer of Chris’s work, it’s become highly collectible and we’ve been delighted to represent him for many years. He’s now achieving the status – as fine artist in the contemporary art world -and critical acclaim that he richly deserves. It’s not an easy path by any means, very few artists actually get to that level.”

“It’s high-time we celebrated this ground-breaking film that defined an era. Acheson’s technicolour odyssey takes us across 1960s Manchester, bringing it all back to life, but with a very contemporary twist, something you simply can’t miss!”

ARTZU Gallery_Chris Acheson_Taste of Honey_Ancoats#Canaletto

Chris Acheson, Ancoats (A Taste of Honey Series)

Chris takes the powerful social commentary of harsh, working-class life in post-war Manchester and Salford and reinvents it in an exciting and exhilarating new body of artwork that represents both the contemporary and the timeless facets of these very human issues.

“‘A Taste of Honey’ has always been one of my favourite films. Shot mainly on locations in and around Manchester during the early sixties on the same streets I grew up in.

The idea of using film stills came from a desire to free-up my working process. The detail on a film still in motion-capture is significantly less than you’d get with a digital camera, but still has enough detail to keep me interested. It gives me the freedom to get back to the love of painting, whilst still producing a piece of work that has the required realism that typifies my style. The fact that the film is shot in black and white also appealed. Giving me total freedom of colour palette for each painting.

A Taste of Honey_ARTZU_Acheson_Morning Glory 70cm x 100

Chris Acheson, Morning Glory (A Taste of Honey Series)

I decided early on in the process of imagery selection that certain pieces would reference a few of my favourite artists. The first painting produced, ‘The Bonfire’, was created with a colour palette and canvas size with the work of Goya heavily in mind. And as one thing in the creative process often leads to another, that got me thinking of the Chapman Brothers reworking of the Goya prints. I decided that I would subvert my images with visual references from today, so playing with time. Hence the football shirt on the child in the foreground of the painting and the various contemporary clues in the rest of the paintings.

I hope you have fun spotting them….” Chris Acheson

To view all paintings in the series click here.

ARTZU Gallery_Chris Acheson_Taste of Honey_Bonfire#Goya

Chris Acheson, Bonfire (A Taste of Honey Series)