Alisa Lim A Po Impresses Manchester

Alisa Lim A Po Impresses Manchester

Alisa Lim A Po, a Dutch artist, has been making an impact with her big, bold and elegant work for over four years. Already exhibited and collected internationally, now her sphere of influence grows as she presents her evocative art at ARTZU, Manchester’s longest established contemporary art gallery.

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In her series Social War she examines human Love with its intricate layers and dramatic nature mirrored by her dynamic techniques. Her materials allow for mesmerising patinas, multi-layered images reveal complex emotions and thoughts. Viewers are rewarded for their time examining her work as hidden perspectives slowly emerge presenting us with our collective desire to be loved and needed.

Working at such a large scale, these big pieces transform the spaces they occupy, elegant, sophisticated and indulgent. The beauty, size and timeless nature of art of this calibre presents an air of class and sophistication wherever they hang.


When international business law firm Addleshaw Goddard moved into their new landmark headquarters in Manchester, Alisa’s work was the perfect choice to compliment the state of the art offices and provide a superb first impression for visiting clients.



Constantly developing her work and techniques Alisa has recently embarked on a new series of more abstract work, expanding beyond the figurative and addressing emotion in its pure form she will create a new collection of large 2 x 2m expressive and sensuous pieces.

She will also be featured at the prestigious Northern Design Awards in November, taking place in the impressively decadent Principle Hotel in Manchester.



What we have with Lim A Po’s work is a sublime representation of the existential; these stunning pieces resonate with a profound sense of humanity combined with distinctive technique, creating a visually stunning effect. There is a quite drama doing on, the tranquillity belies the power and the impact of these remarkable pieces.”

2015, Ben Austin of Art Review.

Click here to view Alisa Lim A Po’s full portfolio


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