Catwalk Creations Meet Turner Prize Nominations!

Catwalk Creations Meet Turner Prize Nominations!

Last week Fashion joined art at Manchester Fashion Week when Artzu Gallery exhibited the work of several North West based artists alongside the glamorous and the beautiful of the fashion world.

Fashion has always been inspired and informed by the art world and it was easy to see some of Manchester’s catwalk creations becoming Turner prize nominations!  Fashion week concluded with a spectacular show by Calum Best where models dived onto a ruffled bed not unlike British artist Tracey Emin’s installation for her Turner Prize nomination in 1999.

Fashion and Art in Manchester

Artzu Gallery sponsored Manchester fashion week with some outstanding work including sculpture and paintings from the established Manchester artist Stephen Farley.

“We intend to be part of many more initiatives like Manchester fashion week as part of our vision to make Manchester a more exciting cultural destination.” says Artzu Gallery’s founder, Nick Betney.


The artistic vision of Stephen Farley captures the glitz and the glamour of fashion with work that manages to strike that delicate balance between being both light hearted and transcendental.

Farley produces artwork in industrial resins which are both captivating to the imagination as well as to the light.  Glass like prisms are illuminated in playful textures to give a powerfully uplifting quality.

To view Stephen Farley’s portfolio click here.

Farley’s headline piece, ‘The Wire’, is his humorous interpretation of the London Underground system. Each of the wires is carefully hand crafted from extruded resin:

“The London tube map always seemed very convoluted to my altered eye so I set about reinterpreting it from the viewpoint of an alienated visitor.

I usually have a small epiphany midway into a piece, which in this case came from the jumble of cables that connect various electrical devices under my desk. The title comes from an imagined scenario where a bomb disposal expert is confronted by the enmeshed wires and has to cut the specific connection to make it safe. I’m told there’s a resin that conducts current now, so maybe this isn’t so far fetched after all!”

To view Stephen Farley’s portfolio click here.