Hop To It !    Artzu Gallery is Open in Spinningfields

Hop To It ! Artzu Gallery is Open in Spinningfields

Artzu Gallery moves to Spinningfields, Manchester.

Join us in celebrating our relocation to the heart of the city by visiting our new home.

Manchester Art GalleryArtzu Gallery is a major addition to Manchester’s cultural landscape offering the first large scale independent gallery located in the very heart of the city.

Over the last decade we have firmly established ourselves as the most progressive independent gallery for art lovers, artists, serious collectors and corporate art buyers alike. As an exciting progression, we will now be working alongside Spinningfields to take art into the urban environment through an inspiring series of cultural events.

Matt Wilde - Manchester Painting

This begins with Matt Wilde’s ‘Keep Up’ exhibition which is coming to 3 Hardman St, the heart of the new business district. Matt’s exhibition is ideally placed to take a wry look at consumerism and the work ethic.


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