New Paintings by Matt Wilde

New Paintings by Matt Wilde

Artzu Gallery Manchester TwitterArtzu Gallery Manchester PinterestArtzu Gallery Manchester FacebookMatt Wilde paints the intimacy of people’s individual lives in contrast to the anonymity of a busy city.

Features and faces caught up in their separate thoughts and emotions, brought together by the interconnection of a vibrant metropolis.

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Matt Wilde – Tom’s Diner

This same poignant weaving of connection and disconnection is reflected in Suzanne Vega’s classic song ‘Tom’s Diner’, inspired by her love of a place where a lonely soul goes to mingle with the crowds.

Over time, each of Matt Wilde’s paintings reveal more hidden layers of detail, from the news paper cuttings with their buried stories, to his own personal artistic adventure.


Matt Wilde and The Corner House by night (detail)

If you know Matt you might notice a self portrait in one painting, or a whimsical character who reappears time and time again in another. Books, films and references to his love of Manchester’s cultural scene litter bill boards and advertisements.

Look closely and you’ll see he echoes his previous artwork in the backgrounds as a reverberation of his past.

A ‘Wilde Animal’ in Tom’s Diner nods to his brilliantly enchanting new series of exotic beasts, and the Corner House painted by day mirrors the iconic Manchester cinema by night.


Matt Wilde – Wilde Rhino

Whatever their story Matt Wilde’s paintings draw you into your own personal adventure!


Matt Wilde – Piccadilly Sandwich