Nick Coley Brings A Fresh Perspective for 2017

Nick Coley Brings A Fresh Perspective for 2017

Nick Coley pushes colour and textures, sparking our senses to react. Incorporating collage to dramatic effect, his wealth of experience shows and shines with the confidence that can only come through fearless experimentation with both composition and his materials.

His work equally has clear classical influences, with figures that could easily have bestrode the shady pathways of Ancient Greece between the timeless monuments. Mythological, in their own way. His exuberant, yet judicious use of colour is especially appealing and draws you in to engage with an – often dream-like – scene and the sense of the fantastic that pervades his work.

Check Mate

View Nick Coley’s collage painting portfolio here

Coley draws inspiration from a close, lifelong connection to the land of the English countryside that shaped and informed him, communing with nature. “The work I’ve begun to do now is firmly rooted with a sense of place. It never struck me as important when I was younger for these associations to matter, but they do matter a great deal. I should know a lot of things about where I live, so it seems only natural as an artist I ought to make references to that knowledge. It’s like acknowledging – and paying homage – to the influence a place has upon you.”

The Day the Astronauts Came To Town


“People often say, I look like Picasso, and I take that as the highest compliment. Like Picasso I seemed to have an instinctive ability to draw, not that I would compare myself beyond that.” Nick’s technique is not easy to describe or to understand without a technical understanding of the unique and intricate processes he has created.

In a way, they almost defy description and simply have to be seen. It’s hard to convey their depth and intricacy other than by coming into the gallery and seeing – and judging – for yourself. You’ll be richly rewarded for your time.



Coley has an international profile and currently nine works are being shown in Beijing this Spring with collectors already in China. This is art that truly crosses boundaries and speaks with persuasion across the globe.

View Nick Coley’s collage painting portfolio here

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