State of The Art Cinema

State of The Art Cinema

Tuesday 28th October – Saturday 1st November 2014 inclusive 11am – 6pm ‘State of the Art Cinema’, is a free public exhibition from the FDA (Film Distributors Association) offering a fascinating, interactive experience of contemporary film poster design and photography. It is the first time that it has been located out of London. ‘State of the Art Cinema’ comprises around 60 spectacular artworks and digital images from exciting films with release dates from 2014 to 2015.

ARTZU Gallery State of the Art Cinema 3

This prestigious exhibition has arrived at ARTZU Gallery as part of the creative redevelopment happening at Old Granada Studios in central Manchester.  Old Granada Studios is set to become the cultural heart of Manchester and will make a great day out during half-term week.  ARTZU Gallery has just moved to this exciting new location from their previous home 2 minutes walk away in Spinningfields. Visitors will have smartphone access to additional still- and moving-image material on each film represented in the display. Special competitions will include the exceptional chance to design a poster for a UK cinema release in 2015.
Lord Puttnam of Queensgate CBE, FDA President, said: “I am particularly delighted that State of the Art Cinema is visiting Manchester, a great cultural hub and home to some of the UK’s leading cinemas. The exhibition is an inspirational showcase of the essential skills of cutting-edge designers and photographers in connecting films with audiences. A great poster catches the eye, tempts the mind and touches the heart, and I passionately hope this new collection will delight a multitude of visitors from Manchester and the North-West.”

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