Fresh Art Inspiration for Summer!

Fresh Art Inspiration for Summer!

Summer time at Manchester’s ARTZU Gallery has arrived with a flurry of ideas bursting into life on canvas!  

The hot news is that Andrew Hunt was recently commissioned by the BBC to produce three life size portraits of the main characters in the hit series Peaky Blinders.  The paintings are an integral part to one of the plots which is very exciting for both ARTZU and Andrew Hunt.


Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt, painter Manchester art gallery ARTZU

Andrew Hunt, Distant Voices, 56 x 122cm, £3900

Enter Summer in style, hand in hand with a character from one of Andrew Hunt’s paintings.  Here is a world where you sense the dreams and realities of someone who steps into your life from the canvas.  Laughter, song, the joy of a party or the thoughtful musings which emerge as you look into engaging eyes.

There is no artist quite so adept at finding the soul of the everyday and placing it into mesmerising paintings.

Andrew’s incredible ability to capture the defining aspects of a character have been spotted by the BBC and he has been commissioned to create 6 portraits of Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) in the acclaimed fictional history ‘Peaky Blinders’.

View Andrew Hunt’s complete painting portfolio here

Richard Wallace

ARTZU Gallery Manchester paintings

Richard Wallace, Dancing Harlequins, 76x76cm, £5000

If you haven’t yet viewed the exuberant paintings of Richard Wallace then you’re missing all the seasonal fun.  Take a moment to enter an imagination dancing with harlequins, acrobats or naughty pucks that will fill your walls with buoyant cheer.  These characters caper through the artworks combining colour, humour and incredible painterly skill.

Vivacious themes that are celebrated by collectors far and wide for their brilliance in both technique and artistry.

View Richard Wallace’s complete painting portfolio here


Andrew Fish

Andrew Fish, artist manchester art gallery ARTZU

Andrew Fish, Lumbersexual

For a cooler approach to Summer take a closer look at the work of Andrew Fish.  New to the ARTZU fold his paintings are sophisticated imaginings of city living.  Are you wandering through a snapshot of muted tones with phone in hand, tapping into the social hub?  Fish captures all of our new fangled living where technology and sociability collide in a kaleidoscope of happenings on canvas.

Paintings of hazy dreamscapes from the alluring edge of the city.  Andrew Fish is the voice of a future world caught in the here and now.

View Andrew Fish’s complete painting portfolio here


Matt Wilde

Manchester art northern quarter city scene matt wilde

Matt Wilde, Soups Up, 70 x 50cm, £650

Delve further into our city living with Matt Wilde’s vivid world of Manchester’s unique urban culture.

Wilde celebrates what it means to be Mancunian in a series of paintings around the Northern Quarter:  you can hear the chatter outside a coffee shop or the rhythm of fresh sounds folding out of open doors.  No detail is missed from the canvas and living with his work brings new joys on every viewing.

Wilde paints Manchester’s inherent creativity and bold aesthetic from the everyday of our counter culture, music and flourishing ideas.

View Matt Wilde’s complete painting portfolio here