Depeche Mode in 3D

Depeche Mode in 3D

Stephen Farley explores his creative process in this article describing the ideas behind his artwork ‘World in My Eyes’:

Depeche Mode World in my Eyes, Uk, Deleted 12

This silhouette of two touching hands has stayed with me since I first saw it on a record sleeve in 1990. I always felt that the gesture had some deeper significance that I might discover by rendering a commemorative relief as a personal homage.

After taking several shots of my own hands (not easy on your own!). I decided on this image for the basic profile that would form the main theme of the piece.

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Depeche Mode- World in My Eyes

Working with just two colours of resin and folded debossed steel, I was pleased with the light refracting qualities contained within the final encapsulation. The feeling of satisfaction was fleeting as I soon felt compelled to delve deeper into the theme and attempt a sculpture.

Depeche Mode World in My Eyes

This proved to be a formidable undertaking. It would have been easier to take a cast, but I wanted a larger than lifesize piece as this preliminary maquette indicates. Whilst working with my hands I was also constantly scrutinising them for the relationships between flesh and media.

 World in My Eyes Depeche Mode

Progressing with basic forms in the open, I needed to ensure that the digits were correct in silhouette when viewed from any angle. This image shows the shadows projected by the sun which put me in mind of the original record sleeve – a good omen.

Depeche Mode World in My Eyes

In the considerable time it took me to make two aligning hands, I’d made up my mind that I wanted a unique, almost industrial metal finish. The finished pieces reminded me of a pair of chainmail gloves which had a pleasing sense of conflict and victory within the resulting aesthetic. Shown here placed against the sky, the lack of a sense of scale is deliberate to uphold my ambition to eventually realise a grander scale.

The iconic gesture is evident again in my forthcoming piece ‘The Blessing’.

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World in my Eyes (metalmix)