LIGHT | TOUCH – New Exhibition from 8 – 23 Nov

LIGHT | TOUCH – New Exhibition from 8 – 23 Nov


Established resin based artist Stephen Farley has hooked up with neon creator Tony Spink for the LIGHT | TOUCH exhibition combining seductive sculptural paintings and dazzling neon forms.

(left to right) Stephen Farley & Tony Spink

World in My Eyes (extended remix) by Stephen Farley

Stephen Farley’s themes are powerful with a sensual core. His twist on mixed media allows a fluid expression of organic ideas into sumptuous sculptural paintings. His work is deeply influenced by his experience after a life changing traumatic incident. From this point on he began to create pieces which literally portray his vision and perception of sight. Working with resin allows the viewer to engage with the artwork on a tactile level, touching and caressing is an integral part of the Farley experience.

Gold & Delicious (detail), Stephen Farley

Tony Spink of Neon Creations has been working with neon for over 25 years, creating handmade artworks using techniques that date back to 1910.


His creations are produced by heating straight lengths of glass tubing in a flame and bending into shape which are then pumped with neon or argon gas, depending on the final colour of the piece.


His works have gained critical acclaim in both corporate and domestic settings with Spink producing bespoke pieces for major brands as well as high profile musicians and premiership footballers commissioning him to produce the ultimate in dazzling electrical artwork.

He has created 15 bespoke pieces which will be exhibited alongside acrylic and resin based art by Stephen Farley here at ARTZU which will open on Wednesday November 8 and run for two weeks.


Tony Spink, Kissing Couple

Tony Spink, Skull

Stephen Farley commission for TLT Solicitors, Manchester

With a reputation for unforgettable and refreshing artworks, stimulating both the eye and the imagination, Farley’s pieces have become highly sought after.  Most recently, TLT Solicitors commissioned a large scale ‘Reef’ wall sculpture for their prestigious Manchester office.

An Inner Inkling (detail)

The VIP launch of LIGHT | TOUCH is on Wed 8 Nov.

For a preview invite please contact:

An electrifying new exhibition combining two of the Northwests most innovative contemporary multi media artists, pushing boundaries and delivering a feast for the senses!