New Autumn Works From ARTZU

New Autumn Works From ARTZU

Stephen Farley, Antipodean Intervention

Autumn is here and we have some fantastic new work available at ARTZU

We had a glorious time at the recent Manchester Art Fair, where it was great to catch up with so many clients and art lovers! Many of our artists have been busy completing new work and commissions, and four of our artists donated to this year’s GEA Nordoff Robbins Annual Charity ART Ball on Nov 16th which raised over £10,000. We’ve even had a stunning collection of artwork filmed for Amazon’s blockbuster new TV drama (sorry, we can’t give any details at the moment but watch this space for future updates!)

As ever we keep the mix eclectic at ARTZU, celebrating cutting edge photo-realism, wall mounted sculpture and gritty urban landscapes.

Here’s a roundup of some the exciting new work that’s arrived.

Tim Garner, The Ghost Of Albert Speer.

Tim Garner is as prolific as ever, capturing Manchester’s urban landscape as the city continues it’s explosive expansion.

Tim Garner,  Ancoats Investment Opportunity

Tim Garner, Redevelopment.

Carl Melegari, Alexa

More timeless portraiture from the ever popular Carl Melegari, he explores how the physicality of the paint combined with the density of pigment can give a sense of life radiating from the canvas.

Carl Melegari, Ulrik

Carl Melegari, Yadira

The latest of Stephen Farley’s Reef series has arrived, the intricacy of these wall mounted sculpture is outstanding. Hundreds of unique, handmade elements, painstakingly fused in a mass of organic gorgeousness.

Stephen Farley, Impromptu Iridotomy

Stephen Farley, Impromptu Iridotomy (detail)