Previous Exhibitions

Previous Exhibitions

Karenina Fabrizzi, Jan – March 2016

ARTZU Gallery is delighted to be showcasing some of the most sought after paintings of Karenina Fabrizzi.

Karenina, renowned for her organic artworks of delicate beauty, is an artist of Italian descent who now lives and works in Barcelona. In this delightful interview she discusses some of the most important influences behind her work.

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ARTZU Gallery_Karenina Fabrizzi_Artist_painter

Krenina Fabrizzi, Sofi´s Memoir, £600, 50 x 50cm, oil, ink & acrylic on wood

Tim Garner, Summer 2015

Tim Garner explores Manchester in his critically acclaimed mixed media artwork.  In this new series for 2015 Garner has created smaller studies which are accessible to new collectors.

“Tim Garner’s haunting amalgams of painting and photography are both an ode and a lilting lament for the city of Manchester.”  Joe Turnbull, culture critic and commentator for the Guardian and Frieze

There is also a mixed selection of artists’ work on display in the gallery.

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Tim Garner, Sawyers Arms (study), 37 x 47cm (framed), £590

Tim Garner, Sawyers Arms (study), 37 x 47cm (framed), £590

Winter Group Exhibition

Our winter exhibition 2014 / 15 celebrated ARTZU Gallery’s move to Old Granada Studios. This exhibition in our new home introduced new work by some of the key artists we represent.

Artwork spanned across painting, sculpture and mixed media with a focus on Manchester artists Tim Garner, Emmesse and Cathy Reid.  The pieces were an exciting opportunity to see the quality and breadth of practise that our principle artists offer.

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Tim Garner: Social History in the Making

25th April – 28th June 2014

Tim Garner is like a local anthropologist studying our swagger from industrial labourer to desk bound computer geek; tracking our changing habits, with a finger on the pulse of the city’s town planning.

His new work warmly marks the passing of several old historic buildings, photographing and painting their dotage before they retire into memory and rubble.

Full details about Tim Garner’s exhibition: Social History in the Making

ARTZU_Gallery_Tim_Garner_Blackfriars Road 81x109cm










The Times Newseum

9th – 22nd April 2014

Read All About It! The Times Newseum comes to ARTZU Gallery in Spinningfields, from April 9th – 22nd.

The secrets behind the news, an exhibition of artefacts, documents and installations that show how the news has been delivered through the centuries. As the UK’s paper of record, The Times has had a ringside seat throughout history, chronicling for its readers events from Britain and around the world.

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Seeing Difference 

Spring 2014

A group exhibition where each artist represents his vision of the world through his or her own particular perspective. Identical locations are portrayed with absorbing difference, revealing the artist’s hidden world. Nature merges with culture and human questions of meaning and identity are questioned in unique ways.

To view each of the artists’ portfolios for this exhibition click here

Michael John Ashcroft_Tim Garner_Matt Wilde

From Carousel to Oklahoma! Fabulous Luminosity in Paint

ARTZUGallery_BetweenWuandYu-PDickensPip Dickens has won many awards for her multi faceted abstract paintings.  

This exhibition looks at Pip’s use of colour and texture to create a cinematic experience in her artwork. Her careful and exquisite painting techniques allow Pip to build up layers and intense depth.

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Autumn Exhibition 2013


A group exhibition with particular focus on new sculptural work from Anna Gillespie.

Following on from her prestigious commission in Kazakhstan Anna has gone on to create another figurative bronze piece using an interconnected  leaf motif.

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STREET TALK – The Mancunian Way

STREET TALK – The Mancunian Way, explored two contrasting sides of Manchester’s urban evolution, with two exceptional artists.

Matt’s work is witty and dry; observing the hustle and bustle of our fast paced consumer driven lives. He watches the city swarm and throng as we rush to keep up.  Tim Garner documents the disappearing parts of Manchester as they are slowly consumed by contemporary architecture and this busy living.

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Manchester Gallery Exhibitions


Foxy Roxy Music, Spring 2013

Chris Acheson’s vibrant and seductive ‘Mannequin Series’; intricate and sensual oil paintings inspired by the style and glamour of the 1970’s band Roxy Music.

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Current Art Gallery Exhibition Manchester

Chris Acheson, Ladytron


PERCEPTION, Trystram Menhinick Solo Exhibition, Winter 2012

Manchester Gallery Exhibitions

Trystram Menhinick, Reflection

“Different cultures have differing approaches to this discord. The north of England has a quiet reserve and a reluctance to intrude on another person’s private mental space. As a result the people develop an internal strength and carry their personal issues largely in silence. There is a durable bravery to it that goes mainly uncelebrated. It was this that provided the focus for the work in this exhibition.” Tystram Menhinick

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Summer Exhibition 2012

Manchester Gallery ExhibitionsThe summer exhibition 2012 delved into the transformative power of the imagination with artwork ranging from the dynamic and forceful paintings of Keri to the subtle and multi layered work of Tim Garner.

Tim Garner’s work is unashamedly Northern.  His vision of our human landscape has an intense depth which is off set with an uplifting, almost spiritual mood.

The compelling work of Keri is renowned in Hungary for its complex depth of emotion.  The energy of the individual paintings is captured in vigorous brush strokes and bold colours which portray human desire and conflict.

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Manchester Fashion Week, April 2012

Artzu_Gallery_Manchester_Fashion_Week_2Fashion joined art at Manchester Fashion Week when Artzu Gallery exhibited the work of several North West based artists alongside the glamorous and the beautiful of the fashion world.

Fashion has always been inspired and informed by the art world and it was easy to see some of Manchester’s catwalk creations becoming Turner prize nominations! Fashion week concluded with a spectacular show by Calum Best where models dived onto a ruffled bed not unlike British artist Tracey Emin’s installation for her Turner Prize nomination in 1999!

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Northern Light (September 2011)

contemporary-embroidery-alice-kettle-6Northern Light celebrated Artzu Gallery’s move to Spinningfields. This inaugural exhibition in our new home introduced some of the key artists we represent.

The work spanned across many mediums including painting, sculpture and even the embroidery of Alice Kettle.  The pieces were an exciting opportunity to see the quality and breadth of practise that our principle artists offer.

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Jamie Hewlett’s ‘Under Water Colours’ 


Manchester art fans had a final chance to see an exhibition by one of the UK’s most innovative and well-known artists, Jamie Hewlett. The artist behind Gorillaz, Tank Girl, and Monkey: Journey to the West, donated his work to be auctioned at Manchester’s Artzu Gallery.

Jamie’s striking and unforgettable images of his trip with Oxfam to Bangladesh were free to view at Artzu Gallery from 11 November until the night of the auction on 18 November.

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