Manchester Fashion Week Reviewed by Media Student Scarlett Engineer

Manchester Fashion Week Reviewed by Media Student Scarlett Engineer

It’s about time that the cultural, artistic and oh so trendy city of Manchester is put on the fashion week map. Artzu Gallery in Spinningfields sent me on a lucky trip to Manchester Fashion Week, to firstly see the shows, but also to seek out similarities and linkages between the artistic and fashion world.


Upon entry into The Avenue, Spinningfields inspiring pieces from Artzu were on display in the bar area and on the stairways. Guests sipped champagne and cocktails as they networked, and interesting and modern artwork gave the simple factory space plenty of atmosphere!

Spinningfields was chosen as an ideal location due to its creative elements.  Obviously Artzu is located here, but also the quirky eateries such as The Oast House , Australasia and a beauty bar.

Artzu_Gallery_Manchester_Fashion_week_4Novel leopard print stiletto chairs were in demand on the day, as fashionistas raced to sit on a shoe – every girls dream of course! In the middle of the room were a collection of light up chairs which provided the room with a multicoloured glow. A tall and spiny lobster esque looking plant tiered over the bar providing perfect material to look at whilst waiting for your drinks.

Artwork such as the work of Alejandra Valencia’s contemporary Matryoshka Russian dolls were showcased in a glass cabinet against a black backdrop for all to read and learn about. A parallel of the Artistic work of the Russian dolls and the fashion show was the similarity of models walking down the catwalk and that of the Russian dolls personified and eerily following one another in a catwalk manner.

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I stopped to speak to the Vivenne Westwood shop colleagues who talked me through their new range, “I love Africa”. Westwood has taken a new arts and crafts angle for her new range with all the products being handmade from materials in the villages of Africa, therefore providing work for those less fortunate – check out the I <3 Crap clutch bag!

The day started off with the Brooks Brothers show, the feel was very Hamptons meets Manchester with preppy vibes. All Saints was next to showcase their dropped hemlines, neutral colours and minimal make up – and they’re still loving the boots!

Artzu_Gallery_Manchester_Fashion_weekLater in the day Ted baker brought in a busier crowd (maybe they were all still in bed from the after parties the night before!).  Ted presented us with a Miami vice look with pastel blue jackets, floral shirts and raffia hats.

Penultimate to last was the Flannels show which started fashionably late – the crowd were intrigued to see what the slick brand had to offer: a collection of bow ties, stripes matched with tartan, bright yellow fisherman jackets and a 60s vibe to end the show, presenting turban headwear and Jackie O white sunglasses.

Artzu_Gallery_Manchester_Fashion_week_2The highlight of the day and the closing show given by Mulberry was even more fashionably late. It showed soft, buttery leather infused with citrus and beige and socks with wedges.

All in all a great week for fashion!