Louisa Hope

Quantum Entanglement by Louisa Hope
Quantum Entanglement

My work is a visual expression of the alchemy witnessed in nature using a range of materials that intend to be distinctive in it’s own unique creative handwriting.

A process developed with the use of a range of highly textured handmade papers, foliage, sometimes bark and sand. Often the very DNA of the landscape is encapsulated in the works. Harnessing the use of oxidised metals such as copper patina and rust an element of chance is involved, hence, allowing the alchemy to present itself through the oxidisation process.

My artwork is a constant unfolding of experiences, learning, spirituality and the joy found in life. I feel my life purpose is to find the beauty, highlight it, and connect others to its feeling. I believe art should nourish us and connect us to something greater, and nature provides all the inspiration.

Artwork by Louisa Hope

Glimmer by Louisa Hope
Unravel by Louisa Hope
Quantum Entanglement by Louisa Hope
Quantum Entanglement
Interwoven by Louisa Hope
Breathe by Louisa Hope
Flighty by Louisa Hope
Alchemy by Louisa Hope
Settling by Louisa Hope
Newborough, Angelsey 1 by Louisa Hope
Newborough, Angelsey 1
Newborough, Angelsey 2 by Louisa Hope
Newborough, Angelsey 2
Good Morning Paradise by Louisa Hope
Good Morning Paradise
landscape 1 by Louisa Hope
Source by Louisa Hope
Unity Consciousness by Louisa Hope
Unity Consciousness
Clearer on Reflection by Louisa Hope
Clearer on Reflection
Stark by Louisa Hope