Andrew Hunt

To Infinity and Beyond by Andrew Hunt
To Infinity and Beyond

Andrew Hunt continues to capture the public imagination with glorious paintings which reveal the innate heroism entrenched in the everyday.

His captivating portraits have found him twice selected for the highly prestigious BP National Portrait Award, exhibiting at The National Portrait Gallery in London.

The BBC commissioned an exciting series of paintings for the renowned 'Peaky Blinders' series and Hunt’s work is collected globally with a stellar list of famous patrons and investors.

Hunt’s recent Portraits from the Market exhibition invited patrons and stall holders to participate in an impromptu studio at Sheffield Market where he created the series of portraits. The finished pieces are a celebration of northern diversity and community, whilst engendering new audiences into the artistic process.

“I have lived on a terraced Sheffield street for 16 years and many of my pieces draw from Northern cultural references, I needed a space where my paintings could truly resonate with the culture and surroundings that they depict.”

“truly awe-inspiring work. Hunt faithfully paints the details of people’s faces with breath-taking precision (you’re almost sure the highlights and shadows on a forehead will move as you move around the room) Every single face tells a story, every eye and blemish and expression is totally convincing.”

Artwork by Andrew Hunt

Terry & June by Andrew Hunt
Terry & June
To Infinity and Beyond by Andrew Hunt
To Infinity and Beyond
Big Chicken by Andrew Hunt
Big Chicken
Tap Room by Andrew Hunt
Tap Room
Charcoal Miner by Andrew Hunt
Charcoal Miner
The Bathers by Andrew Hunt
The Bathers
Game Over by Andrew Hunt
Game Over
Red Lamb by Andrew Hunt
Red Lamb
Dartmoor Blue by Andrew Hunt
Dartmoor Blue
Glow by Andrew Hunt
Jubilee Gardens by Andrew Hunt
Jubilee Gardens
Kate Stay Safe by Andrew Hunt
Kate Stay Safe
Corona by Andrew Hunt
Neepsend Clutches by Andrew Hunt
Neepsend Clutches
Urban Grace by Andrew Hunt
Urban Grace
Kingdom by Andrew Hunt
Video (Andrew Hunt's hyper-real portraits) (2018)
Peaky Blinders, BBC Commission by Andrew Hunt
Peaky Blinders, BBC Commission
Untitled 1 (Ivy) by Andrew Hunt
Untitled 1 (Ivy)
The Haywain by Andrew Hunt
The Haywain
Untitled 4 (Peter) by Andrew Hunt
Untitled 4 (Peter)
Smoking Girl by Andrew Hunt
Smoking Girl
Kitchen Sink Drama by Andrew Hunt
Kitchen Sink Drama
Eden by Andrew Hunt
The Queen's Head by Andrew Hunt
The Queen's Head
Dearne '89 by Andrew Hunt
Dearne '89
Untitled 2 (Pei) by Andrew Hunt
Untitled 2 (Pei)