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Stephen Farley ARBSA

I had been altered visually, and so had everything that my dearly lamented stereoscopic vision had related to me. I needed help, which eventually came in the form of an art education that narrowly missed my stubborn reluctance to seek assistance.

My Foundation at Bournville was an intuitive evening for some, but a lifeline for me that would herald a personal creative renaissance. With the gentle guidance of the artist Ruth Claxton and the learned encouragement of her colleagues, I consequently exploited a sensory attraction toward sculpture.

My portfolio lay conspicuously empty but my sketchbook and visual diary were full of interrupted angles and views from the remote. A momentary inspiration during an embossing demonstration led to my now familiar recurring motif, aka 'spurt'.

Initially a visual metaphor for an impact on the eye, this frond-like form appeared to me to be sentient. Obsessively reworking this profile to develop it's characteristics led me to intensively overlay some pieces whilst avoiding succumbing to the eschewed uniformity of repetition.

The small body of work that accompanied my second year earned the attention of the trustees of Blindart - a charity set up to encourage physical exploration of tactile artworks. Three pieces were accepted for the prestigious Sense and Sensuality exhibition at London's Bankside gallery. One of those pieces is now part of the permanent collection at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

More commercial work became prolific as my time at Bournville was drawing to a close. By now I had a reputation as a resin artist, but I found the term reductive because I would readily adapt any medium to hint at a liquidised perspective. The offer of a full-time place in such a historic seat of learning was a deeply considered prospect, but the most inspired enlightenment had already taken place quietly within me.

More recent subjects are testimonial to my family and subsequent key influences in my formative years. Selected titles have become a travelogue of works, perhaps most notably The Reef Series inspired by travels to the Great Barrier Reef. Most recently I've exhibited more frequently at RBSA, and following numerous showings I've been elected as an associate.

In summary my origins are unorthodox, implausible even, and my practise arguably more so. I believe if there's a current legacy to my timeline as described here, it's a diverse collection of distinctive reliefs and sculptures that hint at inner turmoil but insist on outer touch.

Artwork by Stephen Farley ARBSA

Shield of She by Stephen Farley ARBSA
Shield of She
Sugar Me by Stephen Farley
Sugar Me
The Cure and the Cause by Stephen Farley
The Cure and the Cause (2022)
Agincourt Reef by Stephen Farley
Agincourt Reef
Hands of Love by Stephen Farley
Hands of Love
Metalmix (24"extended) by Stephen Farley
Metalmix (24"extended)
Raining In My Heart by Stephen Farley
Raining In My Heart
Waiting for the Night to Fall by Stephen Farley
Waiting for the Night to Fall
Invaders of Old by Stephen Farley
Invaders of Old
Emnonwodog by Stephen Farley
Nothing But A Hand Dog
Oceanic Obligation by Stephen Farley
Oceanic Obligation
Great Barrier Reef Inspired Sculpture by Stephen Farley
Great Barrier Reef Inspired Sculpture
Efficacious Ecstacy by Stephen Farley
Efficacious Ecstacy
Spitfire Girls by Stephen Farley
Spitfire Girls
Offshore Rapport by Stephen Farley
Offshore Rapport
Apostolic Aura by Stephen Farley
Apostolic Aura
Ouch by Stephen Farley
An Inner Inkling by Stephen Farley
An Inner Inkling
169 Lovebutton Square by Stephen Farley
169 Lovebutton Square
Love Button Sq by Stephen Farley
Love Button Sq
Roundel Reef by Stephen Farley
Roundel Reef
World In My Eyes (extended remix) by Stephen Farley
World In My Eyes (extended remix)
Gold & Delicious by Stephen Farley
Gold & Delicious
Meticulous Worship by Stephen Farley
Meticulous Worship
Reunited In The Rain by Stephen Farley
Reunited In The Rain
The Enablers by Stephen Farley
The Enablers
World in My Eyes (metalmix) by Stephen Farley
World in My Eyes (metalmix)
Overwoven by Stephen Farley
Son of Dog by Stephen Farley
Son of Dog
The Wire by Stephen Farley
The Wire
Subwoofer by Stephen Farley
Atoll Idyll by Stephen Farley
Atoll Idyll
Strangelet Separation by Stephen Farley
Strangelet Separation
The Blessing by Stephen Farley
The Blessing